Ready to unlock the full power of Simplifi by Quicken? Check out our latest set of tips and tricks that make it even simpler to stay on top of your money.

Tips and Tricks

1. Export to csv / Excel

Select or search for the transactions you want to export. Click the export icon on the toolbar above your transactions to download a CSV file. 

2. Link bill to transaction or recurring series. 

We do our best to identify your bill payments when we see them but sometimes we miss them. There are two ways to match the reminder to a transaction: 

  1. Click the reminder >  select “link to transaction” > select the transaction
  2. Open the transaction > select “is bill” > select the bill to assign it to (this is really helpful if you pay part of your bill at one point in the month and then the rest later since you won’t have a reminder for the 2nd one to start with)

3. Ignore from spending plan. 

This is a favorite feature in the app. This flag allows you to ignore income or spending just from the spending plan/budget feature. Use it when you’re buying things you have saved for. Since you have already put the money away, you don’t need it to come from the income you have available for this month. 

NOTE: When you run any other reports, these transactions will be included, so you can still get a full picture of where your money really went. If you want to ignore the transaction from all reports, select the “ignore from reports” flag. 

4. Tags

Tags are awesome—they allow you to track spending in certain areas while still keeping the typical category. Create tags for your children, specific trips, holidays, etc. Then when you spend, tag the transaction. If it’s a tag you want to keep an eye on for any period of time, create a watchlist for it. If you just want to see a quick report of your spending for that tag, check out the “spending by tag” report in the web app. 

5. Splits

Perfect for those Amazon purchases. Open the transaction, select split, and break down your spending by category so your spending report will accurately reflect which categories you spent in.