You’re shopping online and you find that perfect jacket. You know the one. But then you see the price tag, and you have to stop and think. It’s not terribly expensive, but it’s not pocket change either. Can you really afford it? How can you be sure?

You check your bank account, but that just leaves you with more questions. What bills do you still have to pay before your next paycheck? How much do you owe on your credit cards? And shouldn’t you be saving up for the holidays?

Fortunately, Simplifi gives you the insights you need to stay on top of your money in under 5 minutes per week. Know exactly where you stand, whenever you want to know, so you can be more spontaneous without all that worry. Here’s how Simplifi can help.

5 Ways Simplifi Shows You Where You Stand (So You Can Worry Less and Feel More Confident About Your Finances)

1. The Simplifi dashboard

Because Simplifi connects to all your financial accounts, you don’t have to check 18 different websites to understand your finances. With one glance you can see your bank balance, your credit card balances, your car loan, your investments, and more. Simplifi keeps it all updated automatically, but it also does a lot more.

Balances and transactions are just data. The important thing is to understand that data, to know what it means for your spending. Simplifi gives you all the insights you need at a glance, so you can make smart decisions without having to work at it.

2. Your personalized spending plan

When you connect your accounts, Simplifi identifies your income and recurring bills and automatically creates your personalized spending plan. It’s not a detailed budget. It’s the high-level information you need to make good decisions easily.

Simplifi figures out your income for the month and then sets aside the money you’re going to need to pay your bills. What’s left is what you can spend. As you buy other things, like lattes and takeout, Simplifi keeps track of that spending for you and shows you how much you have left.

So when you find that perfect jacket, you can see at a glance whether you have enough left in the month to splurge—without ever wondering or feeling guilty. You’ll know you’re covered.

3. Cash-flow projections

Let’s say you also want to take a hiking trip at the end of the month. How can you make sure your perfect jacket isn’t going to ruin your perfect trip? Simplifi handles that for you with automatic cash-flow projections.

Tap any account, and Simplifi will show you what your projected balances will be over the next few weeks based on your bills and income. So you can go ahead and buy that jacket without wondering about your trip.

4. Watchlists

Okay, now you have your jacket and you’re on your hiking trip. (Don’t worry, that perfect jacket is pretty rugged.) You know you can afford the trip, but between the meals and the gas money, you’re starting to wonder how much that one trip is really costing you.

Come to think of it, if you knew exactly how much that trip really cost, it would make it a lot easier to plan the next one, right?

Just set up a watchlist. Simplifi lets you create your own tags, like “hiking trip” (you can even include a hiking emoji), so you can tag any money you spend along the way. Then, Simplifi can create a watchlist for that tag, so you can see all your trip spending in one place.

5. Include your savings goals in your plan

Now, life’s pretty sweet, and you always know where you stand. You have a perfect jacket, and you’re taking regular hiking trips. But what if you want to save up for something really big in a few months? Or even in a few years? How can you make sure those hiking trips aren’t going to keep you from reaching your long-term goal?

Just create a savings goal (or two, or three … ) and tell Simplifi how much you want to contribute to that goal every month. Add your goal to your spending plan, and Simplifi will make sure you have enough money every month to make those contributions.

That way, your spending plan will always tell you what you really have left to spend, taking all your goals into account. So you can buy your next latte without feeling guilty. And maybe even a new pair of hiking boots to go with that perfect jacket.