Simplifi by Quicken remains our top pick.”–NYT Wirecutter

“After another round of testing nearly a dozen apps, we continue to recommend Simplifi by Quicken as the easiest, most comprehensive way to both see where your money is going and plan for future expenses.”

That’s the official word from The New York Times Wirecutter, naming Simplifi its top pick in best budgeting apps for the second year in a row.

“Most budget apps are either easy to set up but ultimately ineffective … or so complex and dull as to drive away anyone … Simplifi threads the needle.”

We’ve worked hard to thread that needle, making sure Simplifi is easy to use while giving you the control and flexibility you need—with a brand new achievement system that rewards you for keeping your finances on track:

  1. Prepped for Prosperity badges help you start taking control of your finances.
  2. Calm and in Control badges reward you for making your finances a habit.
  3. Sensational Saver badges reward you for meeting your own goals.

With new achievements rolling out all the time, Simplifi is the budgeting app that actually helps you succeed.

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“Our favorite feature is the personalized spending plan, which gives you an up-to-the-minute dollar figure showing what you have left to spend for the rest of the month, after accounting for your bills and savings goals.”

We built that spending plan based on extensive research into the way the digital generation thinks about and manages money. These smart savers want to pay their bills and protect their future before they buy that latte. 

Simplifi offers a flexible solution that works for everyone. It’s not rigid or stringent in its approach, it doesn’t force you to track every dime you spend, and—best of all—it lets you enjoy those little luxuries guilt-free, knowing for sure that you’re not overdoing it.

NYT Wirecutter also pointed out Simplifi’s cash-flow projections and live customer support as key features other apps lack, helping you peer into your future balances as well as reaching live, human support by chat or phone.

Although Wirecutter considered free apps, it chose a paid app as its top pick for a reason:

“Keep in mind—especially with free apps—that the more services, features, and ‘partner interactions’ an app has, the more liable it is to leak data,” Wirecutter warns its readers. “An app might claim its data collection is anonymized or impossible to trace back to you, but that’s not entirely true, especially without industry oversight of these apps.”

Haven’t tried Simplifi by Quicken? Give it a whirl with our 30-day trial and see for yourself why The New York Times chose Simplifi as their top pick for the second year in a row—giving the app consecutive wins from the time it first launched!